Southeast, Ohio
Athens County

"All For One or One For All"
   Contour Map,

   I'm sure you all know how to read a topographic map. But for those who never had a reason to, let me briefly explain.
   See the dark lines marked 800 & 900? Those are elevation contour lines. The lighter lines in between represent 20' of elevation each. (rise) The distance between any of those lines represents horizontal. (run) Just like a set of stairs. The closer the two are together, the steeper the incline. The further they are apart, the more gentle the slope.
   The hollow between B.O.T. & Carbondale, roughly represents a height of 100+or- feet with an incline of 50+or- degrees.
   A friend of mine once told me the difference between a Ravine & a Haller.
   Ravine- Two people can stand on opposite sides and can talk to each other in a normal tone of voice.
   Haller- Two people standing on opposite sides need to haller at each other to be heard.
   So by "Appalachian standards" that hollow, is a Haller.

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